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Doing Business with the BEP


Small Business Program - How to Do Business with the BEP

The Department the Treasury conducts small business vendor outreach sessions to provide small businesses an opportunity to present their company’s capability statement to an agency small business specialist. To review a list of the FY15 Small Business Outreach Sessions click on this link and review the registration procedures; Department of the Treasury, OSDBU Office.

Review the dates for the Vendor Outreach Sessions.

The BEP will host events throughout the year. Please visit this website for upcoming events. Also, one-on-one sessions are available November – August.

At the BEP we believe in the power and the potential of small businesses. We know that small businesses create the majority of private sector jobs each year in the United States. More than half of working Americans own or work for small businesses and these businesses drive competitiveness, innovation, and 21st century jobs.

The Department of the Treasury and the BEP are committed to working closely with the small business community to ensure that all capable firms, including minority, women, disabled veteran owned businesses, and those businesses located in historically underutilized business zones, are able to effectively compete for business opportunities.

The BEP is the largest producer of government security documents in the United States with production facilities in Washington, DC and Fort Worth, TX. We hope that your business can provide the supplies and/or services required to produce these documents. While it is true that we are a securities printer, the BEP utilizes small businesses in many areas, such as:

  • Services – security, window cleaning, waste disposal, pest control, IT support, uniform cleaning, medical services, etc.
  • Construction, facility rework/improvements, etc.
  • Consulting – Human Resources and training
  • Equipment and materials